Dog Grooming FAQs

What is in home grooming?

In home grooming ...

Low Stress grooming?


rather than forcing a dog through a groom in order to get it done, use knowledge of canine behaviour to keep the dogs stress level low

including Tellington TTouch - 


using a combination of techniques for your dog can help to set them up for regular grooming

What can I do to make grooming better?

there are things you as an owner can do to help your dog - we can work together give you things to do at home to make it easier for you to do brushing etc at home and for when it's time for a full groom. 

Why do you only groom dogs under 15kg?

I currently only offer grooming services for small-medium sized dogs, this is the size i can comfortably fit on my portable table

What areas do you visit?

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What happens once you arrive?

When I arrive at your home, I will perform a visual and physical screening of your pet. This includes evaluating the eyes, ears, teeth, nose, underside, skin and coat, and nail and pads. Once complete, they’ll discuss grooming packages and suggest specific treatments unique to your pet. During this time, you can provide any special grooming instructions or a haircut you have in mind. This is also a great opportunity to bring up known issues your pet has, from limping to allergies, and for older pets, the location of benign lumps. Letting your pet’s stylist know these conditions will help them recommend a custom grooming plan for your dog. When deciding on the service, ask what tools or products you’ll need for regular maintenance. This will help you determine whether the service suits both you and your pet’s lifestyle.

Should I walk my dog before the groom?

Please make sure you walk your dog before your appointment. This releases energy and allows your dog time to toilet, before the grooming process starts. A good walk will make the grooming time easier and more enjoyable for your dog.

Can I stay while you groom?

Some customers feel their dog will be better behaved if they stay with them, but in most cases, this can have the opposite effect. Dogs can be nervous at first because they may not be used to staying with me or being without you for long, but they soon get used to the routine of being groomed and will enjoy the calm environment we have at Pawgeous Mobile Grooming. If you stay, your dog will be poised ready to go with you and they won’t be able to relax so it will be best for you to quietly leave after your consultation and I will return to you your happy clean dog after the groom.

How long will it take?

A complete groom can take from 1.5 to 3 hours depending of the size, breed, and condition of the dog. Every pet is different. Times are adjusted to meet the needs of the pet.

How long will my dog be with you?

This will depend on which treatment your dog is having. If you are bringing your puppy to us for their first visit, they usually stay with us for a maximum of 1 hour (this gives us plenty of time for cuddles) and for them to have a bath, nail trim and ear clean. Usual treatments last for 1-2 hours maximum as we do NOT run a conveyor belt type grooming salon. Each dog is bathed and dried by hand. We want to make their experience as positive as we can.

You may find your appointment takes longer than anticipated. This is because I take my time to ensure your pampered pooch is relaxed and you get the best possible service.


It’s always my goal to have your dog ready as quickly as I can… but I won’t put your dog in a stressful or dangerous situation to do that. Sometimes, dogs need a break during their grooming session. I use sharp scissors to trim your dog’s hair, and rushing can be dangerous. My priority is to treat your dog with respect and love. My goal is for your pet to look forward to grooming visits! If you have any questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to give us a call.

How do I book?

Fill out the new customer form and i will be in touch to arrange an appointment. If you have any enquiries email me or call.

How much will it cost?

As the work needed will vary for each dog, the price may vary. size and coat type d

How can I pay?

I accept payment in cash or card payment.

Do you express anal glands?

Anal gland sacs have been routinely expressed by groomers and veterinarians for many years, yet recent research shows that this is an often unnecessary and sometimes has adverse effects on the dog. Some of the possible problems which may be caused, may include, infection, irritation and/or ruptured sacs. Should these problems arise, they may require veterinary treatment. Repeated expression can cause the rectum to weaken leading to damaged skin, increased need for expression and in some cases incontinence. This can be especially true of external expression which is what groomers are allowed by law to do. As such, we do not perform anal gland expression as part of any service. We believe that this process should be only performed when medically necessary.

Anal glands are situated on either side of the anus and are scenting glands. These can be externally emptied if they have become blocked or are uncomfortable for your dog. We do not routinely empty these glands as we feel if there is no problem with them, they should be left alone. If your dog is having a problem, they will be scooting their bottom along the floor or you may notice a particularly offensive smell around the rear of your dog. (if this is the case please consult your veterinary surgeon).

Most dogs go through their lives without experiencing any problems with anal glands. If they needed help emptying them, I recommend a check-up from the vet to ensure that there is no infection or underlying reason for them to become full and irritating for your dog.

Can you pluck my dogs ears?

Following the advice given by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons I do not routinely pluck ears. Plucking the hair inside the ear canal can cause discomfort to your dog and exasperate existing ear problems. I will trim the hair and clean the area surrounding the ear canal with a specially formulated cleanser and advise you to seek veterinary attention should I notice any ear problems.

Is nail clipping included?

Nail Clipping is included in all grooms if needed. All dogs nails contain a blood vessel known as the ‘quick’. Cutting through this blood vessel causes extensive bleeding and considerable pain, especially in black nails. The quick is not always visible, and I will only cut the nail to a length I feel is safe. Each time a nail is cut, the quick recedes slightly enabling the nail to be trimmed again within a couple of weeks. Regular nail trimming is recommended in order to keep them to a short length. Many dogs will naturally wear their own nails through regular walking (especially on concrete). In these cases, the nails will not need to be trimmed.